A Little About Us

Every couple has a story…

Ours began in college with a very “chance” meeting. While a blizzard raged outside, a young love began inside. People say that there are only about 10 crucial moments in your life; well, this was one for both of us. Neither of us could have predicted that after that night, we’d hardly spend a night apart again. For us, weddings are all about stories and the absolute best part of it for us is that we get to freshen our take on love at every wedding. It’s such a great feeling to be able to show our little girl that portion of life so we thank all of you for that inspiration!

By far, the light of our life is our little sweetie Bella. She is a little ham. You can tell that she’s going to be a photographer later in life, but for now…our test model! Part comedian, part singer, part fort architect and part pain-in-the-butt, she’s pretty much the best thing in the world.

We LOVE music and have a total passion for classic cars. But, realistically, when you’re a photographer you have a passion for anything that’s unique. When something has been second nature to you since you were a kid, it’s easy to fit it into the framework of your life. For us, you’ll never catch us without a camera in hand!

Having seen a bit about us, we’d love to hear a bit about you! We’re always around to chat, so drop us a line and let us know what you’re up to…wether it’s for a wedding or just for fun!

Talk to you soon…

Tiffany, CR and Bella