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Amanda and Steve with a “Cherry Hills” on Top

Grinning ear to ear as we edit this wedding. I honestly think Steve’s smile could be as contagious as anything we’ve ever seen! Just seeing him makes you smile. With these two, we had a great time shooting around Cherry Hills Country Club, which has a world class name and world class service to match! Just check out how they drop plates for dinner…unreal!! Then, they could have had the best officiant ever! I mean, his dinner toast quote of the year: “let’s all bow our heads and say thanks to Lord for the food we’re about to eat…Dear lord, thanks for the food we’re about to eat.” – Just simply hilarious!

It was just such an easy wedding working with Amanda and her mom Linda! Everything was done to perfection! Such a great wedding! Hope you two are enjoying Maui! Thanks for everything!

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