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Chris and Kris’ Engagement Session

The sound of the wind is still rustling up my hair from this shoot! We had our shoot scheduled for the day it snowed like a bastard here, so we rescheduled it for a couple of days later, which ended up being a gusty afternoon! But we decided to go with it!

These guys are perfect for a little downtown action! Perfect style and easy to shoot! One trick for photos is to just be yourselves and the less you know what that is, the easier it is to shoot because you just end up laughing and touching and falling into “yourselves”! Anyway, these guys were naturals! We can’t wait for the wedding at the JW Marriot this spring…helped out by Paige and CC from the Colorado Wedding Company! Stay tuned for more photos from these guys, it sounds like their wedding is going to be unbelievable!!

On another note…we’ll be out of town for the rest of this week for a couple of shoots in NEW YORK CITY!! We should have email and phone so don’t hesitate to call or write, but just expect a slower response than normal!CR and TIffy

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