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Crooked Willow Farms Amazingness

So, we had high expectations of this wedding for several reasons. First, these two are practically family. Second, they are related to the now legendary Jonny and Erin…who’s wedding has been published about 38 times. But, add in Crooked Willow Farms, Kara with Love This Day Events and a perfect day – we got this gem of a wedding. It was truly an honor to shoot this one with Jace and Erica. Their relationship is what we all hope to have; playful, adventurous and romantic. If you think your wedding planning has been tough – try doing it while building a new house yourself, living in a 5th wheel trailer, hand crafting 800 origami cranes yourself (her new last name is Crane) and making your own wedding cake. Finally, a HUGE thank you to Shannon with Crooked Willow for pulling out her own personal horse to chow down on the bouquet. It made our day!

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