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Nicole’s Bridal Session in Central Park

This was our first ever trip to New York, so I was thrilled to be doing it with our good friends Nicole and Jeremy! We had a whole day of shooting with Nicole in Central Park and after walking for about 6 miles thru the park, we came to one final conclusion…that place is HUGE! Not only full of great locations, but people as well! We’ll show you some before and after shots here soon because this was one case where Photoshop was needed to get the exact look we wanted. It really could not have been a better trip except the rain that came during the time to shoot our art stuff around the city.

First, here’s a few from Nicole’s Bridal Session and her shower downtown…

Nicole and her Mother-in-law (to be)! They threw an incredible shower!

Then, the last day we were there, we were able to get around with the cameras in the rain! It was FREEZING! However, the cold did make for some cool tones on the some of what New York has to offer!

Didn’t get the shot we really wanted of the Brooklyn bridge at night, but hey, there’s always next time! NY, you blew my mind!

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  1. Posted April 18, 2009 at 11:52 pm | #

    CR, Your shots of New York are blowing me away! They are really spectacular. I love the bridges most of all.


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