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Stephanie and Anthony’s Engagement and Boudoir Sessions

Stephanie has been my best friend for years so I told her if she didn’t get naked for some photos I was going to kill her! This girl has a rockin body, but you will have to wait until the end of the post to see a few of those! Got your attention?

Stephanie had told me for years she wanted to marry her long haired hippy boy who she met in Jackson Hole and now after a long long time they are finally getting hitched next month! So the day after I did her boudoir session we ventured off to Evergreen for some e-session love. We always have a blast on shoots with all our clients, but there is something extra special about photographing 2 people you know so well…could be that we all feel so comfortable to spend most the day in Beaujo’s eating pizza and drinking way too much booze! Thanks guys for a great afternoon!

Okay Anthony, it’s time to turn your eyes away, it’s a surprise…no peeking!

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